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A gift of $140,000 finances a full scholarship on a permanent basis and ensures that promising young leaders will attend programs each year. A partial scholarship endowment can be established with a gift of $10,000 or more.

If you would like to establish an endowed scholarship in your name, please contact Vice President of Development Ed Turner.

THE FRED BARNES SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the Institute on Political Journalism in 2005 to honor Fred Barnes for his service to the Institute.

THE ALAN & RELLA BATES SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by Mr. and Mrs. Bates in 2008. A strong preference is to be given to students from Mr. Bates' alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then the University of Delaware and then other schools with strong engineering programs.   

THE STEVE & EILEEN BERLIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in 1995 to provide scholarship support for a student to attend The Fund's program in Greece.

LADY BLANKA ROSENSTIEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established to provide funding for students from Poland to attend the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems in Prague.

THE KEVIN BURKET SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in memory of 1985 Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems alumnus and regent Kevin Burket.

THE DIXIE DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND honors the memory of Mr. Dixie Davis by providing a partial scholarship for a student from North Carolina to attend the Institute on Political Journalism. Davis had a distinguished career overlapping government, business and journalism.

THE ZORAN DJINDJIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created after Serbian Prime Minister Djindjic was killed by an assassin just seven months after addressing TFAS students in Prague. The scholarship enables a Serbian student to attend a TFAS program in either Prague or Greece.

THE ENGALITCHEFF ENDOWMENT was established by TFAS Trustees after receiving a bequest in 1990 from the estate of John and Virginia Engalitcheff to provide ongoing support for operations and programs.

THE HUNTER HUNT SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in 2003 to fully fund a student from Texas, with a particular preference for students from Southern Methodist University, to attend the Engalitcheff Institute. Hunter Hunt is a 1988 TFAS alumnus.

THE DAVID R. & CORINNE WATT JONES SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established following the death of Corinne Watt Jones in 1990. The scholarship fund was enlarged when then-Fund president David R. Jones died in 1998. This fund provides multiple scholarships for students to attend The Fund's institutes.  

THE DON LAVOIE SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created in 2002 in memory of Don Lavoie, a professor from George Mason University, who served on the faculty of The Fund's program in Prague. The scholarship funds a student to attend the TFAS Institute in Prague.

THE FRED & GEORGANNA LONG SCHOLARSHIP FUND is a fully endowed fund established in 2000 by TFAS Regent Fred Long and his wife Georganna to benefit students attending the Engalitcheff Institute. Long was a colleague of John Engalitcheff at Baltimore Air Coil in Baltimore, Md.

THE DAVID MARTIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in 2003 by Linda Noyes to honor her son Zeb Portanova. It is named in honor of David Martin, who was Zeb's high school history teacher.

THE IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI SCHOLARSHIP FUND was instituted in 2004 by General Edward L. Rowny (Ret). This scholarship is dedicated to Paderewski’s philosophy that freedom and democracy are enhanced through education and the arts. This fund provides a unique educational opportunity to exceptional Polish students and allows these young leaders to come to Washington, D.C., to attend TFAS summer programs.

THE PATT PATTERSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created to honor Mr. Patterson, a journalist who covered the produce industry. It is awarded to a student who has demonstrated an interest in agriculture journalism.

THE REACH YOUR PEAK SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by supporters Anne and Bruce Shepard to benefit students from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

ROGER REAM SCHOLARSHIP FUND This fund was established in 2004 to honor The Fund⊃;s president Roger Ream on his 50th birthday. Roger is also a 1976 graduate of the Engalitcheff Institute. Ream has served as president since 1998.

THE KRISTA & PAUL RITACCO SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established to benefit students attending the Institute on Business and Government Affairs and the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems.

THE KATHLEEN ROTHSCHILD SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by her friends in honor of Rothschild, the first employee and executive secretary of The Fund for American Studies.

THE R. GREG STEVENS SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created in 2005 by Stevens⊃; colleagues at Barbour Griffith & Rogers in Washington, D.C.

THE MANUELA P. STRONG SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established through a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Strong. It is funded with proceeds from a charitable remainder trust.

THE DON & MARTHA SUNDQUIST SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by former TFAS Trustee Don Sundquist and his wife Martha. Don is a former U.S. representative and served as the governor of Tennessee from 1995 to 2003. Preference is shown for students from Tennessee.

RANDAL C. TEAGUE SCHOLARSHIP FUND This fund was established in 2004 to honor TFAS Chairman Randal Teague on his 60th birthday. Teague has been a trustee since 1979 and chair since 1998.

THE MICHAEL & KATHERINE THOMPSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by Vice Chairman Michael Thompson and his wife to provide scholarships to deserving students.

THE EBEN TISDALE SCHOLARSHIP FUND has been administered by TFAS since 2003 to honor the memory of Eben Tisdale, who served as general manager of government affairs for Hewlett-Packard Company from 1984 until his death in 1998. He was a dedicated and effective public policy advocate in the high-tech industry. Each year, approximately 10 students interested in public policy and the high-tech industry are awarded full scholarships to attend this 8-week summer program.

THE RODRIGO DE TRIANA SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by Chairman Randal Teague to recognize Triana, the first European on the Columbus expeditions to spot the New World. The scholarships will be given to students attending the Institute for Leadership in the Americas in Santiago, Chile. 

THE TULANE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND was created by Executive Vice President Steve Slattery and other graduates of Tulane University. This fund benefits students from Tulane attending U.S. Institutes.

THE VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by President Roger Ream, a Vanderbilt alumnus. This fund benefits students from Vanderbilt attending U.S. Institutes.

THE GEORGE VIKSNINS SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in 2002 to honor Georgetown University professor George Viksnins who has served as a member of the Engalitcheff Institute faculty since 1974.

THE DELL THURMOND WOODARD FELLOWSHIP was created by Dell Computer Corporation to honor the legacy of the late Thurmond Woodard. This endowment provides a scholarship for the Eben Tisdale program.


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