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2008 alumni re-connect at the Ten Year Reunion.

It was great to see where Tisdale alums have gone since completing the Fellowship, including Dan Rothchild (center) of the Mercatus Center and Min Li Chan (right) of Google.

Tisdale Fellowship Co-Founders, Joe Tasker (L) and Ken Kay (R) with Kristy Khachigian of The Fund for American Studies.


A Decade and Counting!

2009 marked the tenth anniversary of the Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship. For over a decade now, Eben Tisdale’s friends and colleagues have celebrated his legacy of high-tech public policy, excellence in government affairs and mentorship of young people.

In this time, the Fellowship sponsored more than eighty of the nation’s brightest students to come to Washington and to learn about high-tech public policy through experience. Alumni, building on their experience in high-tech public policy, moved on to successful careers in leading technology companies, federal government offices, think tanks, non-profits and academia. Eben Tisdale would have been proud.

Ten Year Reunion

In July 2009, Tisdale Fellows, alumni, sponsors and friends from all over the U.S. gathered in our nation’s Capital to celebrate the ten-year milestone. Over a reception and dinner at D’Acqua Ristorante, alumni reflected on how the Fellowship changed their lives, while friends and colleagues of Eben Tisdale remembered the legacy he had on their lives.

The Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship
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