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2/13/15 - The TFAS Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ) is among 18 journalism organizations nationwide to receive a grant from the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation

1/22/15 - Sandy Malone (IPJ 96) gives TFAS a shout out in her Huffington Post article, "5 Things That Will Make or Break Your Resume." 

11/17/14 - An article in the Washington Times, celebrating Barry Goldwater and his ’64 presidential campaign lists TFAS chairman Randal Teague as one of the thousands of young people he inspired to get into politics and public policy. See “The man who ignited a revolution” in The Washington Times.

9/22/14 - AIPES alumna Biza Barzo (AIPES 14) speaks about her TFAS experience in Prague with her home university, The American University of Iraq Sulaimani. 

8/28/14 -  Forbes contributor Alejandro Chafuen identifies TFAS as an organization supporting progress in Latin America in the article, “Latin America and The USA: Creating More Win-Win Relationships.”

9/16/14 - Brownwood News features 2014 TFAS alumna Katie Rose Bonner (IBGA 14) and her summer in Washington, D.C. 

8/27/15 - CNN interviewed TFAS alumnus Tom A. Peter (Novak 13) about journalists reporting from war zones. In 2012 Peter was kidnapped in Syria while working as a freelance reporter. During the program, Peter was identified as “Fellow, The Fund for American Studies’ Robert Novak Journalism.” Watch the interview, "Peter: War reporting too dangerous" on CNN's website. 

6/27/14 - The Mass Media, an independent student newspaper at UMass Boston, reports on a TFAS student lecture with John Allison, president and CEO of the Cato Institute. The lecture was part of the TFAS Capitol Hill Lecture Series: Free Markets, Individual Liberty and Civil Society. 

6/20/14 - The TFAS 2014 Institute on Political Journalism Award Ceremony is featured in both FishbowlDC and FishbowlNY recognizing the 2014 winners including The GW Hatchet, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Bloomberg News, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

5/19/14 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announces its win of the 2014 Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Reporting for its series exposing rogue tactics in ATF sting operations nationwide. 

5/06/14 - TFAS alumnus and business owner Sandy Malone (IPJ 96) talks about how her TFAS internship with Campaigns & Elections Magazine helped get her where she is today in the Huffington Post article, "New Grads Aren't Looking for the Right Jobs for the Right Reasons -- Perks Are Earned!"

4/9/14 - 2014 TFAS student Maxwell Kennady (IBGA 14), is featured in The Standard-Times for receiving one of six TFAS Tisdale Fellowships

4/8/14 - Several international news outlets reported on a TFAS graduation and award ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic where President Gjorge Ivanov received the 2014 AIPES Freedom Award, including The President of the Republic of Macedonia Media Centre, the GBTimes, Republika and Independent

3/10/2014 - Sandy Malone (IPJ 96) weighs in on the internship debate and how she benefitted from her TFAS internship in the Huffington Post article, "The Internship Debate: Messing With a Good Thing Could Be a Bad Idea." 

2/26/14 - The Digital Journal publishes an article by TFAS on how internships can help graduating college student get the edge they need to land a job

9/29/13 - TFAS alumnus and former NYC mayoral candidate Joseph J. Lhota (ICPES 73) talks about the influence of TFAS in the New York Times article "Lhota Seeks to Persuade a Liberal City to Elect a Disciple of Goldwater.” 

9/2/13 - TFAS director of U.S. summer programs, Joe Starrs, defends the value of internships in the Daily Caller piece, "End the war on internships." 

7/2/13 - The John William Pope Foundation speaks with President Ream about TFAS’s mission to teach economics to young people and prepare them for responsible leadership.

4/15/13 - TFAS is featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education article "How Conservatives Captured the Law." 

4/1/13 - Two time TFAS Alumnus Henry Harrison (IBGA 12, ILA 13) talks about how his experiences as a TFAS student in Chile and D.C. helped him grow in the Willamette University profile, "Supportive professors help Henry Harrison discover new career path." 

7/23/12 - FishbowlDC recognizes TFAS' 2012 IPJ award winners Emily Miller of The Washington Times, Lou Kilzer of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Polina Marinova of the Red & Black.

7/20/12 - The Red & Black announces its editor in chief, Polina Marinova, as recipient of TFAS' 2012 Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Award. Marinova, a senior at the University of Georgia, won the award for three investigative stories she wrote for the Red & Black.

7/19/12 - The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review announces its investigative reporter Lou Kilzer as recipient of TFAS' 2012 Excellence in Economic Reporting Award. Kilzer received the award for "The China Syndrome," a series of stories on business activities by Chinese national and private companies that have dual economic and military purposes.

7/17/12 - NewsMax.com reports on 2012 Walter Judd Freedom Award winner Otto Reich. TFAS honored Reich and columnist Mary Anastasia O'Grady with the award during a ceremony at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

6/21/12 - Director of Latin America Programs Jon Perdue, writes on the "Diminishing differences between Kirchner and military dictator that invaded Falklands in 1982" for The Commentator.

6/18/12 - Congratulations to TFAS alumna Wenjie (Mandy) Ying (HK 10, E 11) who was selected to be a 2012 Graduate Fellow by the Wilson Center's Council of Women Wold Leaders.

6/15/12 - TFAS Professor Richard Benedetto writes that "Obama's Lauded Appointees Have Failed to Measure Up" in his column for Real Clear Politics.

6/11/12 - TFAS alumnus Anthony Shop (E 03) and his company Social Driver were named Small Business Champion of 2012 by the D.C. Chamber of Commerce.

6/7/12 - Portland State University's Vanguard reports on Fulbright scholarship winner and ICPES alumna Inna Makheddinova (E 11).

5/24/12 - Several news outlets reported on TFAS' 2012 Mollenhoff Award Winner Emily Miller of The Washington Times. Miller received the Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Reporting from the Institute on Political Journalism for her "Emily Gets Her Gun" series. Read more in The Washington Times, FishbowlDC, Guns.com and Distriction.

5/23/12 - The Idaho Reporter cites TFAS' Pileus Blog in the piece "Idaho business climate receives respectable ratings in two national surveys." The article quotes Pileus blogger Jason Sorens and his analysis of two surveys that ranked American states on their friendliness toward business.

5/21/12 - TFAS Professor Richard Benedetto comments on "The political strategy behind Obama's commencement addresses" for FoxNews.com.

4/24/12 - Jon Perdue, TFAS director of Latin America programs, writes "As Chavez Goes Silent, Correa Prepares to Lead Latin American Left" for Fox News Latino.

4/20/12 - The Utah Statesman reports on a lecture by television journalist John Stossel on why government can't solve problems alone. The piece names TFAS as an organization where students can learn more about the subject.

4/11/12 - The Eastern Echo profiles TFAS alumnus Brian Hensley and his run for the 17th House District in Michigan. In the piece, Hensley says he was "bitten by the political bug" during his time with TFAS.

4/04/12 - The Haaretz.com profiles Georgia's new ambassador to Israel, AIPES alumnus Archil Kekelia (A 00). Read about Ambassador Kekelia's new role in Georgia's new ambassador to Israel bears a heavy cross.

3/19/12 - TFAS Professor Andrew Morriss is quoted in the New York Times' article "For LSAT, Sharp Drop in Popularity for Second Year."

3/16/12 - AIPES Alumna Mila Sanina (A 07) talks about the journalistic benefits of social media in the American Journalism Review article, "Who Gets It First: Twitter of the Editors?"

2/12/12The Herald-Tribune profiles IBGA alumnus and Florida State Representative Will Weatherford (B 02) in the piece "Rising House speaker ascends leadership ladder quickly".

2/06/12 - ICPES Alumnus Vern McKinley (E 84) is featured on the Wall Street Journal "Opinion Journal" and MSNBC's "Dylan Ratigan Show" talking about his book Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts.

1/23/12 - Jon Perdue, TFAS director of Latin America programs, wrote a piece for Fox News Latino entitled, "Correa and Ecuador’s Judicial System on Trial in El Universo Case".

1/11/12 - TFAS Professor Richard Benedetto writes about Repbulican presidential candidate John Huntsman for FoxNews.com. Click here to read his article, "What does the future hold for Huntsman?"

12/30/11 - In his column for Real Clear Politics, TFAS Professor Richard Benedetto writes about the type of  criticism that he believes is missing from the media today. Click Here to read his column, "Media Abet Obama's Aloofness on Tough Issues."

12/23/12 - TFAS Board of Regent member, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, is featured in the China Daily article, "In Education we Trust." In the piece, Bloch says education is the key to building strong ties between the Unites States and China.

10/11/11 - Jon Perdue, TFAS director of Latin America programs, wrote an opinion piece for Fox News Latino asking, "Will Palestinian Lobbying Alienate the US and Israel's Remaining Allies in Latin America?"

8/20/11 - TFAS President Roger Ream was featured on C-SPAN's BOOKTV for a panel he participated in on conservative books. Click Here to watch the program on C-SPAN's website.

7/13/11 - Jackie Pick, who serves on The Fund for American Studies Board of Visitors, was named a 2011 Lincoln Fellow by The Claremont Institute.

7/12/11Jon Perdue, TFAS director of Latin America programs, and Otto J. Reich were published by Newsmax.com for their article on "Cancer and Politics in Venezuela."

7/7/11 - Numerous news outlets and blogs featured an educational video on capitalism released by TFAS entitled, “Would You Give Up The Internet For 1 Million Dollars?” These outlets include FoxBusiness.com, Reason.tv,The Volokh Conspiracy, Hot Air,Cato@Liberty, BigGovernment.com, The Daily Caller, Heritage, National Review Online and more.

6/26/11 - AsianCorrespondent.com reports on the 2011 TFAS Asia Essay Contest.

5/13/2011- TFAS Freedom Scholar Karen Fowler (ILA 11, B 10) and her team at Texas State University-San Marcos won the 2011 National Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition. Fowler's business radio talk show "CA$H Radio" was featured in the winning presentation. She and her team will represent the United States at the SIFE World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Oct. 3 -5.

5/11/2011 - Ty Chan (HK 09) discusses the importance of educational programs such as AIPE in the Phnom Penh Post article, "Youth of the week: Chan Ty."

3/22/11 - The Honorable Janice Rogers Brown, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Court, was mentioned by Phyllis Schlafly in the Moral Liberal regarding her TFAS speech on American Exceptionalism.

3/22/11 - Caitlin Emma (CSS 11) was featured in Georgetown's newspaper The Hoya in the article "Get Swabbed! Drums Up Donors, Awareness."

3/04/11 - The Daily Caller featured excerpts from TFAS Professor James Otteson's blog post entitled The Koch Brothers Speaks.

2/21/11 - Ilya Shapiro, member of the board of vistors of the Legal Studies Institute, participated in an "Obamacare" debate at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

2/15/11 - The Economist magazine’s blog "Democracy in America" mentioned Pileus in a discussion of Jason Soren's series on American Exceptionalism.  

2/8/11 - ICPES Alumnus and Board of Regents Member John Lee (E 85) was featured in an article in the Bradenton newspaper, "Northern Trust Strengthens Presence in the Northeast"

2/2/11 - 2011 Leadership Fellow Patrick Johnson (ICPES 06) was featured in The Volante, which discussed an upcoming presentation of his book  America's Cornucopia: How to Leverage Agriculture to Improve Health and Nutrition.

2/1/11 - Steven Hayward, adjunct professor with the Capital Semester program, wrote an article for the Power Line Blog, "The Egyptian Dilemma."

1/27/11 AIPE and IIPES Professor Andy Morriss wrote an article for the Bellingham Herald, "X-rays and pat-downs are dangerous to passengers and democracy alike"

1/23/10 - The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, featured Kirby Wilbur (E 73) in his new position as chairman of the Washington State Republican Party in the article Kirby Wilbur to lead state Republican Party, replacing Luke Esser.

1/21/11 Politico.com featured RIchard Dreyfuss and his discussion with TFAS alumni about the importance of reinstating civics in the American classroom in "Dreyfuss Speaks in D.C."

8/23/10 - Congratulations to IPJ Alumnus Jason Strachman Miller, who was named editor-in-chief for the Kansas State Collegian in the article "Fall editorial board well rounded, diverse."

8/12/10 - Joe Starrs, Director of the Institute on Political Journalism, was featured in PBS'  "Nightly Business Report" on "Clarifying the Rules and Requirements Governing Internships."  To view the video and transcript, click here.

8/10/10 - IPVS student Tori Baker(P 10) is featured in the article "Campbellsville University Students Spend Summer Interning in Washington, D.C."

8/8/10 - The Torrington Register Citizen reports on ICPES Alumnus Justin Bernier and his candidacy for US Congress.

7/29/10 - ISRIA.com writes about the Polish prime minister receiving The Fund's Vašek and Anna Maria Polák Charitable Foundation Award in the article, "Poland - Prestigious prize for Polish prime minister."

7/29/10 - The Prague Daily Monitor reports on the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) graduation ceremony, featuring remarks from Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Click here to read the full article.

7/14/10 - The Chosun IIbo reports on the 2010 Walter Judd Freedom Award winner Suzanne Scholte in "N. Korea Rights Campaigner Wins Freedom Award."

6/30/10 - National Review Online congratulates their intern Jesse Naiman who took second place in TFAS' collegiate journalism contest. Read "We Have a Winner" to learn more.

6/21/10 - About.com chooses TFAS as its "Internship Pick of the Week."

6/9/10 - University of Central Oklahoma students Amanda Gamble (B 10) and Nathan Foster (E 10) are profiled in the college's UCO 360 Student Media Network for their participation in TFAS programs.

6/4/10 - IPJ and ICPES Alumnus Mark Johnson (J 86, E 87) is named communications director for North Carolina Governor. Click Here to Read More.

5/28/10 - The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation honors TFAS as its "Grantee of the Month."

5/26/10 - 2010 IPVS Student Lana Klipfel is featured in "COD Student Selected for Washington Internship."

5/14/10 - Philly.com profiles 2010 Mollenhoff Award Winners Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman of Daily News. The prize is awarded annually by The Fund's  Insitute on Political Journalism.

5/7/2010 -The Alaska Professional Communicators recognizes IPJ student Felix Riveria for winning the Johnson and Rivera 2010 Memorial Scholarship.

4/28/10 - The People to People International Blog recognizes Jovita Arulanantham (HK 10), Oleksandra Romanovska (A 10), Vatnak Oudom Samith (HK 10) and Victoria Vlad (A 10) for winning scholarships to attend TFAS International Programs.

4/28/10 - Mass Communictor profiles IPJalumna Holly Meyer (J 09) in "09 grad lands online reporting position in South Dakota."

4/23/10 - TransformAmericas.org discusses a panel hosted by ILA Director Jon Perdue on the economic case of Chile and how other countries can learn from the Chilean experience.

4/20/10 - National Review Online plugs Pileus as a "Fine New Blog." Pileus is a classical liberal blog hosted by TFAS.

4/14/10 - Finance site WalletPop.com features Capital Semester alumnus Miles Maftean (CSF 09) in the article, "Interns must find the middle ground between meek and prima donna."

3/25/10 - The New Lenox Patriot writes about IPVS student Antoinette Manzella and how she earned an internship through volunteerism.

3/05/10 - Congratulations to ICPES alumna Meredith Edwards (E 05) who is featured in the Nashville Post as a new associate at Bass Berry & Sims.

3/05/10 - The Foundation for Economic Education posts a lecture by TFAS Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow James Otteson. Visit FEE.org to view Otteson's lecture on "The Classical Liberal Tradition: Marx v. Smith.

2/10/10 - The Douglas Dispatch highlights Capital Semester student Norma Brandenburg in their article, "Program adds personal touch to student experience."

2/08/10 -The Saluki Times features 2010 IPVS student Antoinette Manzella in their article, "Student volunteer earns prestigious internship."

2/08/10 - Ilya Shapiro, TFAS mentor and member of the Legal Studies Institute Board of Visitors, is profiled in the Hawaii Reporter for his participation in a debate on the future of the "Akaka Bill."

1/18/10 - The New Britain Herald profiles ICPES Alumnus Justin Bernier (E 96) in its article "Biz Scene: In the 5th District: The 'free-market' candidate."

1/06/10 - The Fund's  Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow, James Otteson, was published in Forbes for his commentary "Get Rid of Government Experts."

1/03/10 - International Journalism Resource IJNET highlights The Fund's European Journalism Institute (EJI) summer program in Prague.

1/01/10 - SPN News covers TFAS Capital Semester Fall graduation and ILA program  in its State Updates section. Click Here and go to pages 19 and 20 to read more.

11/01/09 - SPN News highlights The Fund's fall conference in Santa Barbara and Capital Semester classes in its State Updates section. Click Here and go to page 19 to read more.

10/27/09 - LSI Professor Roger Pilon is profiled in The Ada Herald for leading a discussion on "How Constitutional Corruption has led to Ideological Litmus Tests for Judicial Nominees."

9/21/09 - The American Spectator mentions TFAS in its article, "Prague Autumn."

11/01/09 - SPN News recaps The Fund's summer programs in its State Updates section. Click Here to read more.

8/05/09 - TFAS is featured in a Washington Post story on internship trends.

7/16/09 - Arizona State University News reports on student James Kindle taking second place in the 2009 Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Award.

7/07/09 - The News Today profiles EJI student Rhea B. Peñaflor as the "First Filipino Journalist EJI Scholar."

7/01/09 - SPN News highlights TFAS site visits  including State Department, Capitol, World Bank and Supreme Court in its State Updates section.  Click Here and go to page 19 to read more.

5/27/09 - The Muskogee Phoenix profiles Spring Capital Semester student James Hall and his semester in Washington.

5/08/09 - The Washington Times features TFAS in its article, "Overqualified grab internships: Hope a foot in the door leads to full-time job."

5/06/09 - The Rocky Mountain Collegian wins TFAS  investigative journalism award for their piece documenting the controversial tenures of former Colorado State University President Larry Penley and former CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough.

5/01/09 - SPN News covers The Fund's annual conference where Tom Donlan, editorial page editor of Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly, provided the keynote address. Click Here and go to page 17 to read more.

4/23/09 - Examiner article "Creating your dream internship from scratch," consults TFAS Director of U.S. Programs Shane Mazzella on getting the most out of an internship.

4/22/09 - TFAS Director of U.S. Programs gives work etiquette advice in the Young Money Magazine article "Seniors: Don't Fall Into These 5 Job Hunting Traps."

4/16/09 - TFAS Trustee Mark Stansberry is featured in North Texas e-News for his lecture at the 12th Massey Family Endowed Lectureship in Business and Public Policy.

4/16/09 - IPJ Director Joe Starrs talks about landing a D.C. internship in The State Press article "Placement Programs Give Students the D.C. Advantage."

4/13/09 - Two TFAS students are profiled in the Hattiesburg American article, "Southern Miss students receive prestigious internships."

3/31/09 - The Examiner consults IPJ Director Joe Starrs in its article, "Staying positive on the job hunt."

3/31/09 - TFAS Vice Chairman of the Board Mike Thompson is published in Bacon's Rebellion for his piece, "Reduce Health Care Costs Based on Facts."

3/27/09 - IPJ Director Joe Starrs talks about breaking into the PR market on PR Open Mic.

3/04/09  - Street Sense features the volunteer work of TFAS students in its piece, "Service with a Smile at DC Central Kitchen."

3/01/09 - SPN News features the TFAS Building Future Leaders Campaign and 2009 Annual Conference. Click Here and go to page 18 to read more.

2/3/09 - IPJ Director Joe Starrs provides pointers to young PR professionals in"Advice for the PR Grad – Networking."

2/1/09 -SPN News covers TFAS year-in-review and the ILA conference in its State Updates section. Click Here and go to page 18 to read more.

12/1/08 - SPN News covered fall activities at TFAS including the IPJ Fall conference and the Leadership Network in Arizona in its SPN Updates. Click Here to read more.

11/16/08 - The Fund's new Center for Teaching Freedom has quite a history. Click here to learn how 1621 New Hampshire Avenue is linked to the Titanic in The In Towner's"Scenes from the Past" section.

11/12/08 - Media-Newswire reports the Novak Collegiate Award in Collegiate Journalism Award Renamed in Robert Novak's Honor.

11/07/08 - Mediabistro’s DC Fishbowl reports on the Novak Collegiate Award in IPJ Honors Novak with Award in His Name.

11/5/08 - Legal Studies Institute student Kevin Lacey (LSI 08) describes the impact of LSI on solidifying his commitment to law school and his new role as ambassador for the program in the University of Dayton School of Law article “Summer Internship in D.C. Helps UDSL Student Decide to Continue J.D.”

10/17/08 - The Oxford International Review reports on the up-coming Euro-Mediterranean Journalism Institute conference in the article"EMJI: Freedom of the Press"

9/3/2008 - An article in Indian Country Today  profiles Johnathan Lozier (B 08) and his summer in Washington, D.C. As a student in the Institute on Business and Government Affairs, Lozier interned with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers on Capitol Hill. Click Here to read more.

9/3/2008 - Online publication Culture11 quotes TFAS President Roger Ream (E 76) in its article "Coming Up Conservative."  On page 3, the  piece discusses The Fund's students and academic programs.

9/1/2008 - SPN News provides a run-down of The Fund's Fall Capital Semester activities and up-coming events in its September/October 2008 issue. Go to page 21 of the document to read all about it.

8/19/2008 - The McAlester News-Capital features ICPES student Emily Stites (E 08) in "Ms. Stites goes to Washington." The article looks at Stite's experiences in D.C. and the lessons she was able to bring back to her home state of Oklahoma.

8/15/2008 - In the article "Summer in the City: Association internships are win-win," the CEO Update discusses TFAS and the advantages of D.C. internships for both students and employers. A subscription is required to view the article.

8/02 - 8/12/2008 - The following articles profile students who participated in The Fund's 2008 U.S. Programs: "Keller interns in Washington," "Elder spends summer in capital," "Milord Student Pursues Passion All the Way to Washington," "Rockville Student chosen for D.C. Internship," "Tabernacle woman goes to Washington," "Tehama County girl interns in Washington," "Local Student Pursues Passion All the Way to Washington."

8/01/2008 - Joe Luppino-Espositio received a $1,500 prize in The Fund's 2008 Thomas L. Phillips Collegiate Journalism competition. The Leadership Institute writes about Luppino-Esposito's award in "LI-Trained Editor Awarded in College President's Resignation."

7/20/2008 - Carole and Ed Kelley with co-host Nancy and Mark Stansberry held a dinner party on behalf of TFAS in their Oklahoma City home. Read all about the event in The Oklahoman's "American Studies group is dinner party focus."

7/16/2008 - Robert Faturechi, a former student reporter for UCLA’s theDaily Bruin, was awarded IPJ's Thomas L. Phillips Collegiate Award  for his piece on the influence of donations on college admissions decisions. Read about Faturechi's win in "UCLA Student Wins Journalism Award."

7/13/2008 - Seattle Times investigative reporters David Heath and Hal Bernton win IPJ's Clark Mollenhoff Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting. Go to "Seattle Times reporters awarded national journalism prize" to learn more or Click Here to read the award-winning piece "The Favor Factory."

7/08/2008 - Reuters and Poynter Online report on the Institute on Political Journalism's 2008 Journalism Awards Luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington. Go to "$30,000 in Cash Prizes Awarded for Excellence in Journalism" for the Reuters article and "Seattle Times, Time-Picayune, Daily Bruin win IPJ awards" for the Poynter Online article.

3/02/2008 -The Connecticut Post profiles the D.C. life of IBGA alumna Deidre Walsh (B 98). The article looks at Walsh's professional growth in Washington, beginning with her summer as a TFAS intern. Click Here to read more.

2/17/2008 - TFAS and former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Julia Change Bloch jointly organized a reception to welcome His Excellency Dr. Suresh C. Chalise, Nepal's ambassador to the United States. Telegraphnepal.com discusses the event in an article entitled, "Help consolidate democracy in Nepal: Ambassador Julia Change Block."Click Here to read more.

01/31/2008 - Nicole Back (CSF 07) talks about her TFAS experience and internship with WAMU in The Trail BlazerClick Here to read more about Back's semester in the Nation's capital.

11/27/2007 -The Quill, a magazine published by the Society of Professional Journalists, highlights the Fund's Institute on Political Journalism  in an article entitled "Seven strategies for getting bylines."Click Here to read the article.

08/06/2007 - Georgiana Vines of the Knoxville News Sentinel discusses The Fund's “Insider’s Look at Washington Politics” seminar in her weekly political column. Vines' column entitled "Vines: Outsiders get look at Washington policy matters from insiders" can be found online at Knoxnews.com.

05/04/2007 - The International Journalists' Network article "Training seminar to help journalists get down to business" spotlights the Fund's European Journalism Institute in Prague.

04/17/2007 - The VistaOnline article "The Fund awards poli-sci major" is about Cyndi Munson's acceptance and scholarship to attend the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service.

2/18/07 - Voice of Americainterviews TFAS President Roger Ream (E 76), Director of International Programs Michelle Jeffress (J 95, A 96) and Chairman Randy Teague about the Serbia program and relations in article "The Fund for American Studies satisfied with the quality of students from Serbia."

01/18/2007 –The Conservative Voicepublished the article “Exporting Freedom to the World: The Fund for American Studies” by Nathan Tabor about the history and mission of TFAS.

1/7/2007 -North Texas e-News article "SMU student Brentney Hamilton Selected to Internship in Washington, D.C." is about 2007 Fall Capital Semester Student Brentney Hamilton of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

11/1/2007 - Greek Diplomatic Life published an article about The Fund’s Euro-Med Journalism Institute in its November 2006 edition.

8/22/2006 - South China Morning Post’s article “Exchange of political views” discusses the TFAS Institute in Hong Kong.

4/3/2006 - The Embassy of Estonia reports 11 Estonians will attend TFAS Institutes. Three students were provided scholarship by Ambassador Wos and her husband, TFAS Trustee Louis DeJoy. Read more.

11/20/2005 - The Seattle Times reports on writer Alwyn Scott, whose story “Shifting Fortunes" was awarded the Fund for American Studies' Economic Journalism Award.

9/24/2005 - The Sacramento Bee reports on “Chief’s Disease,” an investigation that was awarded second place in TFAS’ Clark Mollenhoff Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting journalism contest.

9/28/2004 - An article about the European Journalism Institute and other TFAS Institutes appeared in The Prague Post.

8/21/2004 - A South China Morning Post article reports on a speech by former chief secretary Anson Chan, who spoke to TFAS students at a graduation ceremony in Hong Kong. She spoke about the rights of newspapers and security in China.

7/20/2004 - Haniotika, a Greek-language newspaper in Chania, Crete reported on IIPES graduation and students.

Summer 2004 - The Middle East Times Online article "Youth get leadership training in Greece" discussed the IIPES program and quoted Theodossis Georgiou, chairman of the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation.

7/25/2003 - IIPES graduation was covered by Haniotika, a Greek-language newspaper in Chania, Crete.

7/24/2003 - Greece Press MAICH, a Greek-language newspaper, wrote an article about IIPES and TFAS students.

8/15/2002 - John Fund addresses TFAS' Institute in Prague in his article "Red Storm Receding," noting that "Among the most durable [private efforts at encouraging Western values] is the Fund for American Studies' annual institute...at Charles University."

6/10/2002 - Senator Ben Nelson was awarded the 2002 Congressional Scholarship Award. Read more

2002 - Greek America magazine wrote a story about IIPES, the TFAS Institute in Greece.

The Association of College Honor Societies announces a merit-based $1,000 scholarship for a student to attend a TFAS Summer Institute or Capital Semester program. Read more.


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