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9/22/12 - Elizabeth Aguilera (IPJ 96) won first place Best of the West Award in the Immigration & Border Reporting category for "An Inhumane Trade," a package covering cross-border sex trafficking, particularly the pipeline from Mexico to San Diego. Aguilera is a senior reporter at U-T San Diego and has previously reported for The Denver Post and the Orange County Register. 

6/21/12 - 2012 IPJ student Steffi Porter is an intern with Hearst Newspapers as a participant in TFAS' U.S. Summer Programs. Visit MySanAntonio.com and Chron.com to read her articles. 

6/21/12 - IPJ alumnus Charles Scudder (IPJ 11) is a reporter for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. Read his articles at SHFwire.com.

6/11/12 - A photo by IPJ alumnus James Lawler Duggan (J 06) was published in the Los Angeles Times article, "Egypt election boycott gains momentum."

6/11/12 - ILA alumnus Christopher Caballero (ILA 12) wrote an opinion piece for Prensa.com about government vs. the private sector in providing prosperity and improving living conditions of a country's households.

5/24/12 - The Daily Caller features an op-ed by ICPES alumnus Adam Berkland (E 08) on Senators Robert Menendez and Barbara Boxer's plan to help homeowners refinance. Read "Menendez-Boxer Refinance Plan Will Entrench Government Housing."

4/11/12 - ICPES Alumnus Vern McKinldey (E 84) co-wrote a piece for The Washington Times on remarks Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made during a lecture at George Washington University. Read "McKinley and Fitton: Bernanke's fairty tale recession story for kids."

4/05/12 - ForgeinPolicy.com features a piece by Ayham Kamel (I 03, E 04, CSF 04) entitled, "Fragmented international response will prolong Syria's conflict."

3/21/12 - IIPES Alumna Alexandra Toma (I 99) writes about "Seizing momentum in the quest for nuclear security" in The Hill's opinion section.

3/20/12 - Watch "Meet Me Halfway," a documentary created by IIPES Alumna Zeina Saab (I 05) and the NGO she founded called The Nawaya Network. The documentary follows the lives of four underprivileged youth in Lebanon as they struggle to pursue their passions and develop their strength despite very limited resources. To learn more about The Nawaya Network, visit http://www.nawaya.org/.

3/09/12 - Forgein Policy's Shadow Government blog features an article cowritten by ILA Alumnus Ezequiel Vazquez Ger (ILA 08) on 40 kilograms of cocain that was recently smuggled into Italy via an Ecuadorian diplomatic pouch. Read his story "Diplomatic ... cocaine?" on ForeignPolicy.com.

3/08/12 - The Atlantic Council's Egypt Source project features an article by IIPES Alumnus Ahmed Morsy (I 07) on "Egypt’s NGO Crisis: Political Theater Preventing Democratic Progress."

3/07/12 - Alumnus Dan McConchie (J 93, A 95) was published in the Washington Times' opinion section for his piece on the Virginia utlrasound bill. Read, "McConchie and Smith: Rush to judgment."

3/01/12 - EJI Alumnus Niña Terol-Zialcita (EJI 10) comments on the Filipino city of Manila and what steps are being taken to make the city a better tourist destination. Read her article "5 things travelers hate about Manila -- and how the city's tackling them"on CNNGo.com.

2/28/12 - TFAS Alumnus Dominic Swire (EJI 06, EMJI 06) produced a video series about President Richard Nixon's February 1972 surprise visit to China. Swire interviewed U.S. diplomat Nicholas Platt who was present during Nixon's visit and recorded home videos of the event. To view Swire's video series, go to: "Nixon in China - eyewitness" and "Nixon in China: I was there."

2/15/12 - Two IIPES Alumni Anthony Elghossain (I 07) and Firas Maksad (I 01) collaborate on a piece called "A responsibility to Syria: set up a humanitarian corridor" for The National.

2/08/12 - IIPES Alumnus Karabekir Akkoyunlu (I 03) writes "The ‘Turkish model’ isn’t good for Turkey" in the Hurriyet Daily News.

02/01/12 - ILA alumna Jackie Briski (ILA 12) wrote an opinion piece, "Honduras call in the police - from Chile," for The Christian Science Monitor.

01/28/12 - TFAS Alumna Mila Sanina (A 07) writes a first-hand account on growing up in Kazakhstan following the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Mila's piece, "Saturday Diary / My native country no longer exists," was published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

07/19/11 - TFAS alumnus Adam Berkland (E 08) takes a critical look at efforts by Capitol Hill to reform large government-owned mortgage companies in his opinion piece, "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Plan Yet Another House of Cards" published by Human Events.

07/11/11 - IIPES alumna Sophie Husseini (I 08) was published in the Financial Times for her article "PEX could see more IPOs amidst friendly regulatory environment and growing economy" .

06/30/11 - As an IPJ student, Richard Burchfield (J 11) was published in I for his piece "American weightlifer, a Muslim woman, wins right to wear hijab during competition."

03/10/11 - Tereza Novotna (E 04) wrote The 2010 Czech and Slovak Parliamentary Elections: Red Cards to the ‘Winners’ in the March 2011 issue of West European Politics.

03/01/11 -Nina Terol-Zialcita (EJI 10) has written a book called [r]evolutionaries: The new generation of Filipino youth and youth organizations.

10/5/10 - Jean Schindler (HK 06) was published in Crossbow, the magazine of the Bow Group (UK). Her article, "Human Rights and the Coalition Government's Foreign Policy" can be found on page 24.

08/26/10 - Jessica Corry (J 99) reports on changes in collegiate journalism programs in "J-Schools Get Schooled in 2010." In the article, she addresses the importance of internship and mentorship programs.

08/18/10 - Suzanne Kianpour (J 09) scored big with her first story to air on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. An NBC “Making a Difference” piece tells the story of  Street Soccer USA. Suzie pitched, reported, produced, and wrote the entire story which can be viewed here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/vp/38584806#38584806

08/18/10 - With campaign season ramping up, Jessica Taylor (J 05) a reporter for Politico has been covering races around the country. Read Taylor’s latest piece about the primary in Wyoming, "Rita Meyer concedes to Matthew Mead in Wyo."

08/17/10 - Hearst Television’s National Correspondent Nikole Killion (J 99) reports the news from DC to Hearst affiliate stations around the country. Follow her on twitter @NickolenDC.

08/17/10 - Tricia Miller has been promoted to the Politics Team at Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill. Read Tricia’s latest piece, "Minnesota: Boehner Schedules Visit to Boost Walz Challenger".

07/20/10 - After a two year stint at the Gazette newspaper in Montgomery County, Md., Amber Parcher (J 07) is moving to Taiwan. In two short years Amber published hundreds of articles. Click Here to read Amber’s stories

03/10/10 - Radio Free Europe published an article by IPJ alumna Ladan Nekoomaram (J 09) on the persecution of Baha'is in Iran.

02/1/09 - IPJ alumna Kristin English (J 03) blogs about her experiences at the Inauguration in her blog posting “One moment in history – Final Recap of My Adventure.”

11/1/2008 - Discussing the impact of the global financial crisis on her country EMJI student Alexandra Lodge discusses Great Britain's financial situation in "The Dark Clouds of Recession".

10/2008 -Oxford International Review invited participants of the Euro-Med Journalism Institute to guest blog on a variety of topics ranging from the 2008 US presidential election to misconceptions about life in Middle East countries. The students added dynamic insights available on the OIR website here: http://oxfordir.org.uk/events/emji2008/

10/3/2008 - WAMU 88.5 FM aired David Smith's (J 08) segment "Barack Obama and 'Race' in the Race"  Smith put together the piece as part of his IPJ internship with WAMU.

09/102008 - Two TFAS alumni were featured in a NY Daily News piece, ' "Dave fears Mac Camp 'race codes.'" IPJ alumnus Saul Loeb (J 03) took the photo of Sen. Barack Obama that accompanies the article while Peter Feldman (P 04, LSI 07) is quoted.

08/06/2008 - TFAS Alumnus Mark Johnson (J 86, E 87) made mainstream media with his piece "Tabloid's claims threaten Edwards' role at party's convention." The story broke days before former Sen. John Edwards publicly admitted to an affair with a campaign worker.  Click Here to read a "Featured Alumni" profile of Mark Johnson.

07/03/2008 - USA Today picked up Ashly McGlone's (J 08) piece "As gas prices deter worshipers, churches get creative." McGlone wrote the article as an IPJ intern with Religion News Service.

07/01/2008 - Andrew Brandenburg (J 08) considers "Barack Obama’s Veepstakes: A List of Possibles" in a piece he wrote as an IPJ intern with Human Events. Click here to read more of Brandenburg's stories.

06/05/2008 - During his first week as an IPJ intern, Ben Newell's (J 08) piece, "Storm kills woman, hits region hard" was published on the front page of the Washington TImes.

11/19/2007 - IPJ alumna Tracy Samantha Schmidt (J 04) wrote a 3-page story on young nuns for Time Magazine entitled, "Today's Nun Has A Veil--And A Blog." The piece was referenced by other news outlets such as The Today Show, The Nightly News, Teen Vogue and many Catholic wire services. Schmidt wrote numerous stories for Time Magazine while working as a reporter and online producer for the magazine's Washington bureau. Click Here to read more of Schmidt's work.

10/01/2007 - Maria Danilova's (J 02, EJI 05) article entitled "Yushchenko's Star Fades in Ukraine"was published in the Washington Post. Danilova works for the Associated Press in Moscow.

09/06/2007 - Jessica Taylor (J 06) wrote her first piece as a reporter for the National Journal. Taylor’s article entitled “Thompson Jumps In & Romney Runs On"  can be viewed online at http://nationaljournal.com/adspotlight.

08/17/2007 - Byron Fisher (CSS 04) authored a book entitled, The Supply and Demand Paradox: A Treatise on Economics. The book acknowledges both The Fund for American Studies and TFAS Economics Professor Thomas C. Rustici. Fisher's book can be found on Amazon.com or by going to www.TheSupplyandDemandParadox.com.

07/31/2007 - As an intern for the Washington Times, Andrew Seaman (J 07) wrote two front page stories entitled"Bipartisan ticket aim of Unity '08" and "College graduates likelier to hold on to their faith."

06/27/2007 - Melanie Hicken's (J 07) article was featured on the front page of the Washington Times. The article entitled "Job Hunters Post Video Resumes on Web" was published while Hicken interned at the Washington Times during the IPJ program.

06/15/2007 - Campaigns & Elections intern Amanda Zusman (J 07) was published for her article on the CNN/YouTube presidential debates. The piece entitled "YouTube and CNN Collaborate In Hopes of Democratizing Debates" is the first of five published articles that Zusman wrote for Campaigns & Elections as an IPJ intern.

5/09/2007 - TFAS Alumnus and Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Glader (J 99, AIPES 00) co-authors article entitled "A Labor Union's Power: Blocking Takeover Bids."  More articles by Glader can be viewed online at www.wsj.com.

2/28/2007 - As an intern in the Capital Semester program, Dominik Saran (AIPES 06, CSS 07) wrote an op-ed piece that was published in The Washington Times. The piece entitled "Markets, no Mandates, for Net," can be read online by clicking here.

12/15/2006 - Craig Hymowitz (E 92) co-authored an article entitled "Activist Judges, Not Will of the Majority, Are Redefining Rights." The piece honoring Bill of Rights Day appeared on the Blank Rome LLP  website.

10/21/2006 – Becky Perry (E 04) co-wrote an article entitled “On the border of brinkmanship,” which was published in World Magazine.

7/18/2006 - Laura Evans (J 06) wrote about classmate Danielle Sturgis (J 06) and her work to introduce opportunities for conservative women on college campuses. "New Group Gives Conservative Women Hope on College Campuses" appeared on Human Events Online.


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