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Your time with The Fund for American Studies doesn't have to end upon completion of an institute. Stay involved by giving back to TFAS. If you would like to contribute your skills and time to TFAS, please contact Michelle Le, Vice President of Alumni Program, at alumni@TFAS.org.

Sign up as an Ambassador and help us secure our next class of incoming students. Ambassadors make direct contact with accepted applicants to the D.C. Summer Institutes by phone or email in order to answer questions and encourage enrollment. The word of an alumnus is powerful! We need your help in making sure that the best and brightest students choose to come to TFAS. Service needed in December, January and February of each year. If you'd like to be an Alumni Ambassador, please contact Recruitment and Admissions Director Mary Stankus at mstankus@TFAS.org.

You can help a college student have the ULTIMATE D.C. EXPERIENCE! TFAS recruits working professionals in the Washington, D.C. area to serve as mentors for the fall, spring and summer. This past year, over 200 professionals served as a mentor to a student through our programs. Mentors are matched with a college student attending one of our seven academic internship programs. For more information contact Special Programs Coordinator Jesse Schaefer (IPVS 10) at jschaefer@TFAS.org

What would your D.C. experience have been like if it weren't for your internship? We ask all DC-area alumni who work in a metro accessible location to consider hosting one of our interns. We begin placing summer students in late winter. A limited number of interns are also available in the fall or spring. If you are interested in hosting an intern, email U.S. programs staff at internships@TFAS.org.


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