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Ibrahim Al-Marashi
Economics (AIPES)

Gary T. Armstrong (ICPES 84)
U.S. Foreign Policy (ICPES)

John S. Baker, Jr.
Constitutional Law (LSI)

Randy Barnett
Constitutional Law (LSI)

Richard Benedetto
Journalism Internship Seminar (CS, IPJ)

Brian Blase
Economic Problems and Public Policies (CS)

Nancy Bocskor
Internship Seminar (IEIA)

Donald J. Boudreaux
Economics and Public Policy (IPJ)

Richard Boyd
Voluntary Associations and Democracy (IPVS)

Anne Bradley
Comparative Economic Systems (CS, ICPES)

Jason Brennan
Ethics and Values of Philanthropy (IPVS)

Juan Ignacio Brito
Economics (ILA)

Henry N. Butler
Law & Economics (LSI)

Chris Coyne
Economic Problems and Public Policies(ICPES)

Michael J. Collins
Power and Values in Organizations (IBGA)
The Good Society (AIPES)

Karen M. Czarnecki  (ICPES 88)
Public Policy Internship Seminar (CS, ICPES)

Eric Daniels
Business, Government and Public Policy  (IBGA)

Don Devine
TFAS Senior Scholar

Pat Fishe
Comparative Economic Systems (IEIA)

Steven F. Hayward
The American Presidency (LTAP)

J. David Hoppe
Lobbying Internship Seminar (IBGA)

Richard Izquierdo
Constitutional Law (LSI)

John Kelliher
Lobby Internship Seminar (IBGA)

Ricardo Leiva
Economics (ILA)

Adam Martin
Economics (AIPES)

Josh Mitchell
Political Economy (AIPES)

Kimberly O'Donnell
Nonprofit Internship Seminar (IPVS)

James R. Otteson
TFAS Senior Scholar

Roger Pilon
Constitutional Law (LSI)

Robert Rafferty
Economics of Regulation (IBGA)

Terrence P. Reynolds
Ethical Perspectives on the Media (IPJ)

John Samples
Theories of Constitutional Interpretation (CS, ICPES)

Lawrence Solum
Constitutional Law (LSI)

Elizabeth Spalding
The American Presidency(LTAP)

Brad Thompson
Political Philosophy (ILA)

Brandon Turner
Political Philosophy (AIPE)

Joshua Walker
The American Presidency (LTAP)

Nikolai Wenzel
Economics (AIPE)



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