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Mark Stansberry (E 76) is the chairman of his consulting business, Global Trade and Development Corporation Group and is a member of various boards, including TFAS.

Stansberry and his wife Nancy (r.) recommended TFAS to Kristen Cambell (J 03, EJI 04), who is now a member of the Alumni Council and a past TFAS Leadership Fellow.

Numerous TFAS alumni are entrepreneurs; many run their own law firms, lobbying firms, consulting businesses and more.

In order to shine the light upon these self-starters, a new feature has been added to @TFAS, entitled “CEO Corner.” This month features Mark Stansberry (E 76), Chairman of his consulting business, Global Trade and Development Corporation Group (GTD), where he has worked for over twenty years.

Although he is currently involved in consulting, Stansberry has had quite a diverse career, as he began his career in politics as an intern and staff member for U.S. Senator Dewey F. Bartlett. Following this experience on the Hill, Stansberry moved on to become president of Moore-Stansberry, Inc., a real estate developer, and senior vice president of a western Oklahoma bank.

He has served on nearly ten boards throughout the country, including The Fund for American Studies, Oklahoma Christian University, OK-National Association of Royalty Owners, Oklahoma State University Environmental Programs and People to People International.

Stansberry has founded several companies in addition to GTD, including the International Energy Policy Conference and the Oklahoma Royalty Company, while he has also served as the president/chairman at the International Society of Energy Advocates, State Chamber’s Energy Council and the Governor’s International Team.

Stansberry graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 1977 and attended ICPES in 1976 where he first met TFAS President Roger Ream (E 76). Having kept in touch with Ream over the years, Stansberry has stayed involved with TFAS well after graduation.

“Friendships, along with networking, are essential to success,” said Stansberry. “TFAS has been a vital part [in providing these opportunities].”

Despite all of his success, Stansberry remains incredibly grounded, down-to-earth and actively involved with TFAS. He has recommended TFAS to numerous students who are now active alumni, including Kristen Cambell (J 03, EJI 04), a member of the Alumni Council and a past TFAS Leadership Fellow.

Because of his contribution in spreading the word and mission of TFAS throughout the years, he was honored with the Alumni Service Award in 2007.

“It is truly an honor to serve on the Board of Trustees for TFAS,” remarked Stansberry. “I value all the experiences that have been provided through The Fund.”

Stansberry and his wife Nancy reside in Edmond, Okla. They have been married for 32 years, have three grown children and currently have an CD which they have performed on radio and television.

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