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David R. Jones Awards 
David R. and Corinne W. Jones Scholarship Fund 
Institute on Philanthropy & Voluntary Service

David R. Jones 1938 - 1998

"Each day of our lives is a celebration, made possible by those who cared about freedom... an opportunity to make certain that the next generation is prepared to meet whatever challenges may come in the future." ~ David R. Jones

In 1998, The Fund established the David R. Jones Center for Leadership in Philanthropy to conduct programs to prepare people for roles in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. The Jones Center's programs stress the use of wealth, time and spirit in ways consistent with the American traditions of philanthropy and individual responsibility.

The Jones Center takes its name from one of TFAS' principal founders, David R. Jones, who also served as its president from 1974 until his death in April 1998. Throughout his distinguished career in a variety of nonprofit organizations, he inspired hundreds of young people to pursue careers in the nonprofit sector. Both David and his wife Corinne shared a belief in making a difference in the world through service to others.


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