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The Croatian Alumni Chapter of The Fund for American Studies (Croatian: Hrvatski alumni klub Fonda za americke studije (HAKFAS) is a network organization for former Croatian students of TFAS institutes.

On April 23, 2006 the Croatian Alumni Chapter held its first meeting in Zagreb where the group elected an executive board.

Davor Kunc (A 02, I 04, E 05) was named president of "Hrvatski alumni klub Fonda za americke studije," or HAKFAS, the Croatian translation of The Fund for American Studies' Croatian Alumni Chapter. Filip Ljubic (I 01) will serve as vice president and Dora Rotar (I 04) as secretary.

The primary objective is to promote educational programs of TFAS in Croatia, as well as to be a forum where former students have the opportunity to maintain social contacts made as students. The Chapter presents an extensive network allowing alumni to excel in their professional life through sharing experiences with other alumni.

HAKFAS was founded on April 23, 2005 by Dora Rotar (I 04), Valerio Bacak (I 04) and Davor Kunc (A 02, I 04, E 05) and was registered on June 1, 2005 in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia under number MBS 1948032.

HAKFAS creates and maintains a partnership among Croatian alumni, prospective TFAS students, other alumni chapters and TFAS.

HAKFAS encourages Croatian alumni to promote and support the values, image, activities and programs of TFAS within their communities. By doing so, HAKFAS provides the alumni with opportunities for continued affiliation with alumni in Croatia and around the globe.

HAKFAS values and promotes freedom, democracy and free-market economies and is committed to integrity and high moral standards.

Oh you beautiful, oh you dear, sweet liberty,
the gift that Almighty God gave us,
the cause of truth and all our glory,
the only adornment of Dubrava;
Neither all the silver and gold,
nor the human lives
can match your pure beauty!

Liberty Hymn, verses from Dubravka, written by Ivan Gundulic, Dubrovnik's 17th century writer, considered to be one of the greatest Croatian writers. These immortal verses describe true Croatian spirit with high praise to value of freedom.event.

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